ADILA Project


We are an interdisciplinary initiative supporting research collaboration between different faculties and the Centre for Educational Development (PULS) in the area of digital media supported teaching and learning.

ADILA intends to contribute in how to think about the future of education, in order to meet the learning challenges of the future. Additionally, ADILA will undertake research studies to address the ever-shifting teaching and learning paradigms.

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• Advance the University of Agder´s leadership in digital media supported education

• Undertake R & D directly connected to courses across on-going study programmes

• Train graduates at PhD level studying the future of education

• Promote international collaborations

• Serve as a platform for attracting research resources from external agencies

Areas of Interest

  • • The use of digital media for promoting teaching and learning

    • Digital assessment of learning and assessment for learning

    • Digital media support for engineering education

    • Persuasive technology in educational settings

    • Development of ICT tools for teaching and learning

    • eLearning specifications and learning technology standards

    • ePedagogy


Centre for Pedagogical Development - PULS, University of Agder

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